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Developer Sony Creative Software, Inc.

ACID Xpress offers you all the necessary tools for creating amazing music. It allows you to load various audio loops ...

FaceFilter Xpress

Developer Reallusion Inc.

The revolutionary FaceFilter Xpress from Reallusion enables you to enhance and adjust facial images and provides the improvement your photo ...

ADS Tech DVD Xpress DX2 CapWiz

Developer ADS Technologies

DVD Xpress DX2 has focused its utility software on transferring visual and audio media from VHS tapes and camcorders (digital as well ...

Avid Xpress Pro

Developer Avid Technology

All registered users of Avid Xpress Pro version 5.8 or higher automatically qualify for the version 5.8.4 software. Xpress Pro 5.8.4 does not ...

Pastel Xpress 2009

Developer Softline Pastel

Any company, large or small, has basic accounting needs. Through the automation of common business processes ...

Q-Xpress Installer

Developer ModTheSims2

Q-Xpress is designed to be an extension of ModTheSims2, SexySims2, or indeed any Sims2 sites downloads ...

FlipViewer Xpress Creator

Developer E-Book Systems Inc.

FlipViewerĀ® Xpress Creator is a wizard-based software that runs on your PC, enabling you to create and publish ...

Xpress VIP

Developer Directed

Xpress VIP is a flash utility that can be used to verify and save firmware images onto the Upgradeable Vehicle Interface Kit. Xpress VIP Live ...

Swift 3D Xpress

Developer Electric Rain, Inc.

Swift 3D Xpress is a 3D Extension that allows users to quickly convert 2D text and artwork into 3D ...

Pigeon Xpress

Developer BVBA Bouwen Wim

The following items can be managed through Pigeon XPress 4: Clients and contact, Pigeon Management (pedigree) ...

DgFlick DgFlick Xpress Collection

Developer DgFlick Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

DgFlick Xpress Collection is a pack of all Xpress releases of the developer, DgFlick Solutions. The pack contains Album Express, Book ...

Giga-tronics Automation Xpress

Developer Giga-tronics

Automation Xpress is an easy to use application development tool for use with Giga-tronics 2400 and 2500 Series Microwave Signal ...

L&H Voice Xpress Professional

Developer Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products

L&H Voice Xpress Professional represents the most powerful and extensive collection of voice recognition ...

Xpress Mods

Developer Xpress Mods

Xpress Mods is an easy-to-use toolbar, which has its own search engine. The toolbar has a weather feature, which keeps you ...

CCL xpress Toolbar

Developer CCL xpress

CCL xpress Toolbar provides you a useful way to get the freshest content such as news, announcements ...

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